The project is aimed at creating and marketing products with an ideal balance of quality, reasonable price and profit opportunities for tobacco market participants.

The Russian tobacco market is very polar, most of the products are either of poor quality or high price, which deprives most smokers of the opportunity to consume high-quality products in the current economic situation. The Etalon company, in partnership with the Pereslavl Tobacco Factory, has chosen a different path. It was important to create tobacco products of decent quality, without impurities and reconstituted tobacco. At the same time, the products were planned to be of an affordable price. And the company succeeded!

High-tech advanced production with strict compliance with all technical standards and environmental standards allowed the company to produce tobacco products at reasonable prices, which are not inferior in quality to the world brands of the tobacco market. We use the American Blend in our products, the most popular tobacco blend. The main difference between its formulation and the analogues is the minimum content of the cheapest Oriental tobacco blend and the absence of reconstituted tobacco. The blend in the products we offer is made according to an exclusive formulation and includes a blend of 13-16 types of imported high-grade tobacco. These are truly unique Russian products that easily compete with foreign leaders.

We constantly monitor the trends and prospects of the tobacco market, responding quickly and accurately to the needs of numerous customers. Our assortment includes products of several brands, for which our company is responsible for the decent quality of cigarettes. They have already been appreciated by customers, as well as by experts.

We are confident that in the near future our actively growing and promising company will definitely make a significant contribution to the development of the Russian tobacco industry and the Russian economy in general.